I'm Live.


06/04/2016 - This past weekend was probably the longest weekend of my life. Traveling 8 hours to New Jersey/New York by car definitely taught me how to have patience with the "process." Many times I forget that to get to where I want to go I have to endure a journey that may take a lot of effort and may test the limitations of patience. After 8 hours of nothing but tail-lights traveling through Pennsylvania, we finally got to New Jersey. (By "we," I am referring to Dwight and I) Being greeted by his Cousin-in-law, Carlos, when we arrived. Looking around the small neighborhood brought me to a sense of relaxation. Fast-forwarding to seeing New York City, I felt so small. The large ads with Rihanna's ANTI album and H&M model photos were lit up in Times Square. Nothing but bustling cars, street performers, and Nikon camera-holding moms filled the walkways. I couldn't help but feel immersed in the larger than life buildings and beaming lights. I felt so small. As though I had to remember that there's so many awesome things out there in the world to explore. When I arrived back home from the trip, I was so inspired to continue to pursue the biggest dreams that I have. I had to remind myself that God create a world with endless possibilities and though things may seem impossible to achieve, He can make those things possible. I truly appreciate God placing really awesome people in my life and exposing me to different situations to learn how to navigate through them. I can't wait to see how God works throughout this year.