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04/04/2016   - Last night I went to Andy Mineo's concert at the Park Street Saloon. Not knowing what to expect, I felt relieved to know that he had many fans. And not only did his fans love his music, but love his message.

After various opening acts and Twitter breaks in between, Andy finally started his set standing on top of a platform with 2 giant video panels that pointed inward like an arrow beneath him. The panels showed various montages of New York City's cityscapes, busy streets, and active locals.  

I was in amazement. I never expected a set up to be so intriguing. Capturing all the effects of visuals, I felt like I was actually being taken on an adventure which is Mineo's music. Inspired me to rethink my live performances. lol

During a break of his performance, he spoke about his life and the experiences he has had.   He said that he kept trying to find validation by trying to have all the material things that would make him "look cool." He sought validation by being on Billboard and having millions of views on YouTube, but was still unhappy after achieving these feats. Only did he feel complete when God intervened in his life and he fully trusted Him. 

I can say that if Mineo can achieve all of the things he wanted to do and still be unhappy, then you must seek God to fix that longing of acceptance. 

You are enough because God says you are.