Life is Gold.


Last night was my homie Meg Paulsen's first ever event in which she curated. The "Femhouse" titled event consisted of an all female lineup with talented singers, an Emcee and a DJ! The Summit was overwhelmingly stacked with people on a Wednesday night and the atmosphere was full of love and excitement. 

Before the show, I was able to speak to most of the creatives that were on the bill. Most talking about what drinks they prefer, or where to find food, most had one thing in common: They just want to be free and create. Like most creatives, we feel like the world is against us as if we must conform to the corporate strangleholds that has torn our society apart. But, a few have raised a middle finger to those standards and fully invested in their art. One of those few who decided to get thrown in the moshpit goes by Shilo Gold. 

Shilo spoke about leaving her hometown, traveling across the country and using her wit and music to push her in the right direction. Most people would think: Wow you must be really stupid to just leaving everything behind and focus of music. One thing that she told me is that I should just DO IT and I can do it. Life is too short to live in the pains and stresses of the world. Life is golden if you live it. Don't just exist.