04/13/16 - As everyone knows, I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Candy has always been my weakness when it comes to unhealthy living. Always made me feel better when life got rough or if I needed a boost of energy. As most know me to never turn down sour patches, I have decided to do a fast of sugar. Today was the first day of my fast, and I have to say it was tough.  

On Tuesdays, my department gives out free snacks. Since I am in leadership there are many perks of getting whatever I want from the cabinets full of junk food glory. It was so tempting to open a little bag of fruit snacks and get a quick "high," but I kept my willpower. 

You may ask why I decided to do this fast. Well it's simple: I want to deny my flesh and focus on God! Also one of my homies told me that sometimes we have to get rid of something in our lives so God can give us something greater. So, I'm not sure what God will give me, but I have faith that this will help my spirit and teeth.  

Wish me luck.