Learn & Give Back


03/30/2016 - I spent most of my Friday night traveling to Atlanta, Georgia. That was the first time I have driven this far of a distance in my 24 years of living. One thing that I took away from the experience of traveling there is though the journey may be stressful, tiring, and/or annoying the reward from being patient is worthwhile. 

Once I got there I was so happy to be around my family. To hear jokes, play card games, hide from embarrassing stories of your childhood and the laughter of loved ones really made me change how I viewed my own life. For 5 years, I have lived on my own away from most of my family. I wanted to be able to grow as a man and have a better relationship with God. As I grow with Him, He has shown me that my perspective of life will change and new lessons will arise from them. 

While I was down in Atlanta, I was playing with my nephew and little cousin outside. I also allowed them to help me wash my car. To see that I was once in their shoes really impacted me. It baffles me that I am now in the position my uncles and aunts were in when they were my age. Learning how to be fair and patient with people who aren't so experienced in fields has always been tough, but these moments really show that I have to give what I received.