what waking up early can do...


06-03-17 - this is crazy. i am actually writing another blog post the very next day. i'm on a 2 streak. haha. anyway i really didn't sleep too well last night. just kept waking up and didn't really sleep through the night. i don't know why that is, but it happens more frequently. i woke up at 7, made my bed, took a shower and the decided that i was going to read my bible and my daily bread. surprise, surprise i know. but this was different, i felt more motivated to be up and alert than sleep all day. so, i went to the nearest park near my house coming to find out this park is HUGE. who knew that something so awesome was literally in my backyard. i think sometimes we forget nature is a part of us and God is in nature. think about it. all the animals and plants are able to survive solely off of what God provided. isn't that crazy? and to think that we couldn't live without our iphones and starbucks coffee. what i got from this morning is that God wants us to have some time set apart for Him even if that means we have to be up early on our days off. i can tell you this much, this will be routine for me.  

well... it's me again.

06-02-17 - yeah, yeah, yeah. i know it's been a while. a real. long. time. but, it's ok. i needed to regroup and collect all of my thoughts. as you can tell, i seem to have this pattern where i have to go into hiding. i have noticed that i have no real to feel like i am missing something. partly because i lurk on social media. i don't post as most do, nor do i post consistently. i can say i am consistently inconsistently. this is actually a bad thing. so, in order to fix this problem i've been having, i decided to go about it by forcing myself to do it. if that means that i have to get super anal about writing a entry the same time everyday, then so be it. not only have i been inconsistently posting blogs, but i have been inconsistent on my health. my gym member gets taken out of my account every month and i have not gone in maybe 2-3 months. it's these things that make cause me to be hard on myself and then i play the self-pity role. it's just two different sides of me battling. what you need to do and what you want to do. need should always beat out want. so this blog post is a vow. a vow to be better. a vow to do better. a vow to do my best no matter what the circumstance. i am placing my trust in GOD for this journey.


I'm Live.


06/04/2016 - This past weekend was probably the longest weekend of my life. Traveling 8 hours to New Jersey/New York by car definitely taught me how to have patience with the "process." Many times I forget that to get to where I want to go I have to endure a journey that may take a lot of effort and may test the limitations of patience. After 8 hours of nothing but tail-lights traveling through Pennsylvania, we finally got to New Jersey. (By "we," I am referring to Dwight and I) Being greeted by his Cousin-in-law, Carlos, when we arrived. Looking around the small neighborhood brought me to a sense of relaxation. Fast-forwarding to seeing New York City, I felt so small. The large ads with Rihanna's ANTI album and H&M model photos were lit up in Times Square. Nothing but bustling cars, street performers, and Nikon camera-holding moms filled the walkways. I couldn't help but feel immersed in the larger than life buildings and beaming lights. I felt so small. As though I had to remember that there's so many awesome things out there in the world to explore. When I arrived back home from the trip, I was so inspired to continue to pursue the biggest dreams that I have. I had to remind myself that God create a world with endless possibilities and though things may seem impossible to achieve, He can make those things possible. I truly appreciate God placing really awesome people in my life and exposing me to different situations to learn how to navigate through them. I can't wait to see how God works throughout this year. 

Consistent ... Kinda.


05/11/2016  - As you have notice, I definitely have not been consistent with writing these blog entries, but it's only because I have not had the time to do so. Don't judge me. Most of you that may have read my entry about being consistent are probably rolling your eyes, but look I'm consistent in other areas of life like ... music. For the past couple weeks, I have really focused on music. Creating at least one beat a day and practicing the scales on the piano have been the tools that I've been using to keep me inspired without feeling any pressure of HAVING to make something. I know that God sees me at least trying to keep the communication between me and him consistent especially with all of the craziness that my life has been driven into. But, back to being consistent, I have been keeping my word with all of my friends when I say I am going to do something. I guess what the point of this entry is that I may not write on here often but I am actually investing my time and energy into the things that matter the most. 


Oh, Dwight and I have been making music so that's what the picture is about.  

Life is Gold.


Last night was my homie Meg Paulsen's first ever event in which she curated. The "Femhouse" titled event consisted of an all female lineup with talented singers, an Emcee and a DJ! The Summit was overwhelmingly stacked with people on a Wednesday night and the atmosphere was full of love and excitement. 

Before the show, I was able to speak to most of the creatives that were on the bill. Most talking about what drinks they prefer, or where to find food, most had one thing in common: They just want to be free and create. Like most creatives, we feel like the world is against us as if we must conform to the corporate strangleholds that has torn our society apart. But, a few have raised a middle finger to those standards and fully invested in their art. One of those few who decided to get thrown in the moshpit goes by Shilo Gold. 

Shilo spoke about leaving her hometown, traveling across the country and using her wit and music to push her in the right direction. Most people would think: Wow you must be really stupid to just leaving everything behind and focus of music. One thing that she told me is that I should just DO IT and I can do it. Life is too short to live in the pains and stresses of the world. Life is golden if you live it. Don't just exist. 


04/13/16 - As everyone knows, I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Candy has always been my weakness when it comes to unhealthy living. Always made me feel better when life got rough or if I needed a boost of energy. As most know me to never turn down sour patches, I have decided to do a fast of sugar. Today was the first day of my fast, and I have to say it was tough.  

On Tuesdays, my department gives out free snacks. Since I am in leadership there are many perks of getting whatever I want from the cabinets full of junk food glory. It was so tempting to open a little bag of fruit snacks and get a quick "high," but I kept my willpower. 

You may ask why I decided to do this fast. Well it's simple: I want to deny my flesh and focus on God! Also one of my homies told me that sometimes we have to get rid of something in our lives so God can give us something greater. So, I'm not sure what God will give me, but I have faith that this will help my spirit and teeth.  

Wish me luck.  

Searching for...


04/04/2016   - Last night I went to Andy Mineo's concert at the Park Street Saloon. Not knowing what to expect, I felt relieved to know that he had many fans. And not only did his fans love his music, but love his message.

After various opening acts and Twitter breaks in between, Andy finally started his set standing on top of a platform with 2 giant video panels that pointed inward like an arrow beneath him. The panels showed various montages of New York City's cityscapes, busy streets, and active locals.  

I was in amazement. I never expected a set up to be so intriguing. Capturing all the effects of visuals, I felt like I was actually being taken on an adventure which is Mineo's music. Inspired me to rethink my live performances. lol

During a break of his performance, he spoke about his life and the experiences he has had.   He said that he kept trying to find validation by trying to have all the material things that would make him "look cool." He sought validation by being on Billboard and having millions of views on YouTube, but was still unhappy after achieving these feats. Only did he feel complete when God intervened in his life and he fully trusted Him. 

I can say that if Mineo can achieve all of the things he wanted to do and still be unhappy, then you must seek God to fix that longing of acceptance. 

You are enough because God says you are.  

Learn & Give Back


03/30/2016 - I spent most of my Friday night traveling to Atlanta, Georgia. That was the first time I have driven this far of a distance in my 24 years of living. One thing that I took away from the experience of traveling there is though the journey may be stressful, tiring, and/or annoying the reward from being patient is worthwhile. 

Once I got there I was so happy to be around my family. To hear jokes, play card games, hide from embarrassing stories of your childhood and the laughter of loved ones really made me change how I viewed my own life. For 5 years, I have lived on my own away from most of my family. I wanted to be able to grow as a man and have a better relationship with God. As I grow with Him, He has shown me that my perspective of life will change and new lessons will arise from them. 

While I was down in Atlanta, I was playing with my nephew and little cousin outside. I also allowed them to help me wash my car. To see that I was once in their shoes really impacted me. It baffles me that I am now in the position my uncles and aunts were in when they were my age. Learning how to be fair and patient with people who aren't so experienced in fields has always been tough, but these moments really show that I have to give what I received. 

Wild Things.


03/20/16 - Today was pretty eye-opening. Spent the day in Mansfield with Jeff, Bri, and Aaron working on the last song off Jeff's EP Illogical Rest. It took us months to finally come together in one room to finish the song in its entirety. After spending the day with them I finally realized how intense life can really be for others. We have to love one another and keep in mind that we can be the difference in someone's life to keep going. I have always wondered how people have the will to fight and  survive even though the odds are stacked up against them. The only conclusion I have come up with is God gave them that ability. How truly amazing He is. To think of prayers being answered when you feel like all hope is gone is truly amazing. I can't wait to see what else unfolds. 



3/19/16 - Sometimes I feel like my brain is so full of thoughts that I feel overwhelmed. It's like my mind can never rest for more than 2 seconds. Even when I'm not thinking of anything at all, I still feel like I'm overloaded. Throughout my life I have felt like could never quite settle down, unplug from the world and really appreciate my life. After talking to Dwight last night, it made sense why I have been feeling this way: All my focus is not on the right things. Seeking God is never that hard because He is here with us. I shouldn't worry about what's going to happen next and just focus on Him. If I am able to do that, I will be well-equipped to handle the confusion in my life. More peace of mind. Clarity. 

Keep Pushing


3/18/16 - This month has been the busiest month of my life so far. More work, less sleep: I feel myself drifting off into another world. Maybe it's because I'm that fatigued. (lol) One thing's for sure is though I feel tired and as badly as I want to sleep, I have to keep working. The work I am doing is not for myself, but for God's glory. I definitely cannot complain, because this is what I prayed for. To be busy and to have things to do to push my career in the right direction, but also to continue to grow with God. Got a lot of work to do, but I know that it will not be in vain. LET'S GET THIS WORK.